Thursday, December 2, 2010


Part 1:

To start my presentation off I will begin by giving a brief introduction talking about my country China and its relationship with the United States. My research dealt with the relationship in the 20th century. Some important fact s I will mention deal with U.S. relations with Russia during the Cold War. Another important fact I will mention is without Chinas change to Communism during the Cold War it would have taken longer for them to industrialize at the rate at which they did with the aid of Russia. For a visual aid in my presentation i will present a slide show of images during this time frame in China and the United States. i believe with images it will help my auidence see what they were hearing to make my presentaion more clear. China once it became Communist recieved huge aid from Russia dealing with engineers to money. They were given a five year plan hich had to ebe excuted according to Mao to help keep relations good with Russia. China also removed foreign good and buisness and made there source of transportation bicycles. Also do to this inspiring movment to become prospercess poverty was removed from streets and moved into communes to do work.