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Part 1:

To start my presentation off I will begin by giving a brief introduction talking about my country China and its relationship with the United States. My research dealt with the relationship in the 20th century. Some important fact s I will mention deal with U.S. relations with Russia during the Cold War. Another important fact I will mention is without Chinas change to Communism during the Cold War it would have taken longer for them to industrialize at the rate at which they did with the aid of Russia. For a visual aid in my presentation i will present a slide show of images during this time frame in China and the United States. i believe with images it will help my auidence see what they were hearing to make my presentaion more clear. China once it became Communist recieved huge aid from Russia dealing with engineers to money. They were given a five year plan hich had to ebe excuted according to Mao to help keep relations good with Russia. China also removed foreign good and buisness and made there source of transportation bicycles. Also do to this inspiring movment to become prospercess poverty was removed from streets and moved into communes to do work.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Essay #2 Draft

The United States throughout the Vietnam War changed their political polices. This was caused by civil right advocates in the United States. During the Vietnam War African Americans were still segregated and oppressed yet it was ok to send them out to war with the white men. The United States gave equality to African Americans and other racial classes on the battle field but not in the country they lived in. This fact shocked civil right activists in the United States. Through the texts and films in class we see how each race reacted to the war and the policies the United States was using to justify its involvement.
In Hearts and Minds Peter Davis goes into depth on every perspective of the war. A strong image he portrays is when the Prime Minister of Vietnam Hồ Chí Minh states that the United States would be very helpful due to that they were a nation born out of imperialistic regime. The United States used this to enter to supposedly help the Vietnamese fend off the communist party building in North Vietnam. It was really to demonstrate their militaristic power to whole world. When Peter Davis brings Hearts and Minds to the people of the United States majority of citizens that were interviewed had no clue what we were fighting for in Vietnam. This documentary also informs us of the G.I movement that was taking place.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Topic 2

When people hear the word America they think of our major cities and our thriving economy. Vietnam was the United States testing ground to show there brute strength to the rest of the world. That this single nation can be overwhelmed and made to be capitalist by destroying everything. Even after the Vietnamese seemed unwilling to change and we had no idea who we were fighting on the battle front the United States kept their military presence for their images sack that they could not defeat these savages as they portrayed them. The United States made its policy based on image and military strength. From Hearts and Minds there is a scene where a Vietnam veteran is speaking to elementary school students. When asked how did Vietnam look he responded, " It's a beautiful place but its people our ugly savages." This statement in itself shows how ther Army had brainwashed its soldiers to see these Vietnamese as animals and killing them really had no backlash to life.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Class 10/28

Today from getting further instructions on thuorlghly finding articles for my topic. The topic i was researching was China trade agreements and United States. After picking the correct words for the most optimized results i found two articles from the New York Times from 2000 - 2005

In Bush's Words; 'Join Together in Making China a Normal Trading Partner'
The New York Times. New York Times (1923-Current file). New York, N.Y.:May 18, 2000. p. A14 (1 pp.) and In Bush's Words; 'Join Together in Making China a Normal Trading Partner'
The New York Times. New York Times (1923-Current file). New York, N.Y.:May 18, 2000. p. A14 (1 pp.).
In the first article the New York Times represented the words that the President would like to present to present to the citizen's of the United States.The Times present all the positives to the agreement for all the negatives to the citizens were wooried about. It also place what China's military agendas benifit the Unioted States to further build some trust to other issues.It also goes into the economic benifts to making a trading partnership would increase the deficit dealing with import and exporting United States.
The second article gave the public and insight into the disapprovals and reasoning with not want Senate to pass the bill. From this article i plan to exract and reflect upon what citizens felt from both the United States and from China.This was also tie into trying to give a representation to what China was implemtening to make these trade agreements offical.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


After searching through Laguardia's Database searcher i discovered three sources that will be beneficial towards my research paper. The main focus of my research is to discover the relationship the United States has with China dealing with trade. My sources are connected through that they are all written from the United States and agreements established and if or how they are beneficial to the Unites States.

Annotated Bibliography on Us and China Trade Agreements
Ronald Takaki, A History of Asian Americans; Strangers from a Different Shore
After reading this in American history it touches upon a small section of Chinese history in the U.S.. I need to check out the book to expand on other chapters because this is the time frame in history that the U.S is letting go of their hate towards Asians in hopes of opening agreements of trade.

Congressional Digest, Jun/Jul2000, Vol. 79 Issue 6/7, p165, 3p, 1 Chart
This source gives a clear description of all the bills and laws passed in the United States dealing with traduing goods with China. It targets the huge trade deficit that the united States was facing with china and the actions that were taken place to improve the deficit. This article is also talking about a debate on extending permanent NTR treatment towards China. Major issues about this pertain to how worthy is China and how does America benifit or not benfit from terminating the NTR renewal agreement.

Rural Cooperatives; May/Jun2000, Vol. 67 Issue 3, p23, 6p, 5 Color Photographs
This article is a good refrence but i wouldnt say the best to accomplish a solid point in my research paper. The begining talks about This first shipment of US goods being sent to China in 20 years. The main piece of information from this source is that it brings up the U.S. Agriculture Secretary and U.S. Trade Representitive. these two pieces of information could be a solid point changer in my paper.

Chen, Kathy. Wall Street Journal. (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Mar 14, 1995. pg. A10
This article from The Wall Street Journal talks about various products that are made in The United States that now are able to be exported to China. It goes into depth on products such as tobacco and other leaf goods in the United States that China does not want due to accusations of them being carriers of viruses. Although its proven that China imports these good from other countries because it is much cheaper than if purchased from the United States. The article also explains who will benifit directly and who might see some increase in exports in the future.

For later to look at:

Hearts And Minds

After watching Hearts and Minds the person’s voice that struck me the most was Daniel Ellsberg. Mr. Ellsberg was known for leaking these top secret Pentagon files. His voice of opinion changed throughout the movie varying between both sides which was very interesting. He was all support for the war and what it stood for as representing America's image. After making last minute revises to Robert Kennedy's speech everything changed because he was assassinated after the speech. War had taken a toll on Mr. Ellsberg where his emotions overwhelmed him and he then leaked more information that the government was withholding from the citizens of the United States.
With all the choices of sources used in the film it was a clear representation of cause and effect. With the interviews he targeted all fronts of the war including the views of people at home. We as Americans were so lost we had no clue what we were fighting for or even who we were fighting. The counter to that was what the soldiers viewed up front and how brain washed the government had made them. There sole purpose was to fulfill everything like a mission and not to ask questions. Peter Davis then randomly includes these images of football games and how the coach's instill this image of victory is all that matters. They tell the players it’s not even about the game it’s about proving your better more superior and that is exactly that point he was trying to instill upon the viewers that this war was strictly for image.
Based on ideologies America used its ideology of democracy and freedom to enter Vietnam. We see this ideology throughout American history when we interfere with countries that have just gained independence. In today's world we are trying to make Democracy happen nationwide in Iraq and not allow them to choose what to do with their own country.
The images were a key factor I believe in ending the Vietnam War. It helped Americans see the wrongs of their actions and speak out against the government. Now in more modern times we see less and less images so that the government truly has the only say in what is best for our nation to do instead of the people. Seeing is believing and if the government doesn’t let us see then we believe what is being fed to us through the television set.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Small Place

“Every native is a potential tourist” Life and Debt. Tourism has been part of life for hundreds of years. Tourism is part of enjoyment, for education, and for business. Natives envy and despise tourist for the fact that they have the ability to leave there land. To some extent tourism is needed for these islands to survive. The island needs this support due to the fact that the tourist motherlands have made them in debt that’s to their interest rates that they loan the money at. Tourism is a sign of power that overwhelms nations that are full of poverty.
Is it wrong to go and visit other countries for entertainment? From personal experience natives despise tourists because they truly have no true understanding of the country. There more concerned with what the weather is going to be than what are the hardships taking place. As the story describes an example of this is when she’s looking out the plane and sees how green the land is and wonders if it rains a lot and questions if the vacation will be worth it. The ethics behind taking someone’s poverty as your entertainment isn’t ethical. In Slum dog Tourism they site an example that they wanted to take a picture of one of the locals and the local asked for money in exchange for a picture of themselves. In the sense of touring slums I would say that entertainment equals cruelty for the fact that they rarely try to help these slums out. Once you leave this little day adventure you forget about these people and move on.
Jamaica Kincaid paints a picture of what tourists see when they come to Antigua compared to what the natives see. Little do they know how much their native countries affect Antigua and its businesses. After the slave trade ended the Englishmen that controlled the plantations started the Barclays Bank. Later other foreign involvement came into the island to make it resemble what they except in their native countries. Countries like Antigua were once colonies and once they gained independence came in contact with economical issues. Banks controlled what the nation could spend their money on. With having such high interest rates local business had to foreclose. This cycle helps powerful nations reap the benefit of these islands and the islands stay in economic trouble. The business aspect in Antigua is foreign and no local business benefit from this tourism. In example from Life and Debt local business offered to supply meat to these foreign franchises and the business still import their own so the local resources are being destroyed so that these foreign powers can have complete control.

Fun Facts:

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Response to #2

I would have to agree with Richard Wright because American people always speak of how much freedom we have but we really never see it. In my own personal travels to Europe no one speaks of how free they are or what rights they want. The problem that Richard Wright targets is how flawed the American government is. In his quest to receive an American passport he was denied twice. Through further investigation by getting lawyers involved Mr. Wright found that the government had no right not to distribute an American passport to him. As the piece further developed he explained another problem with America and freedom and that is America's age. Even in today’s time we are still a young country with not much history at all. In Mr. Wrights travels to France he explained in detail how much more sophisticated and proper the people are.
Americans lack the true definition of freedom and do not strive to live up to what freedom really is. Freedom is the power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without. We leave these choices up to our government which has corruption inside of it. All governments have corruption but with America being such a large nation it is hard to see where it hides. This further explains why Mr. Wright had so much trouble receiving his passport. With corruption in mind people will choose personal interests over interests that help the whole public or even business. Another example he gives us is when he is trying to purchase the house in New Hampshire thinking there will be no issues that he is a black male. After waiting for a few days with no response he asked his friend to find out why there has been no response. It was exactly what Mr. Wright feared of and it was because he was black. Later on it’s the same issue but the white man in France sells him the apartment.
Overall in "I Choose Exile" the point Richard Wright is getting at is that America is still to young and naive to reach for such a high goal of true freedom.