Thursday, November 11, 2010

Essay #2 Draft

The United States throughout the Vietnam War changed their political polices. This was caused by civil right advocates in the United States. During the Vietnam War African Americans were still segregated and oppressed yet it was ok to send them out to war with the white men. The United States gave equality to African Americans and other racial classes on the battle field but not in the country they lived in. This fact shocked civil right activists in the United States. Through the texts and films in class we see how each race reacted to the war and the policies the United States was using to justify its involvement.
In Hearts and Minds Peter Davis goes into depth on every perspective of the war. A strong image he portrays is when the Prime Minister of Vietnam Hồ Chí Minh states that the United States would be very helpful due to that they were a nation born out of imperialistic regime. The United States used this to enter to supposedly help the Vietnamese fend off the communist party building in North Vietnam. It was really to demonstrate their militaristic power to whole world. When Peter Davis brings Hearts and Minds to the people of the United States majority of citizens that were interviewed had no clue what we were fighting for in Vietnam. This documentary also informs us of the G.I movement that was taking place.

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  1. Good start - there are a couple of ways you could move forward - you can start with the overview of perspectives you use here, and then flesh out with details, or you could insert examples into the second paragraph you have here. I look forward to reading more.