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After searching through Laguardia's Database searcher i discovered three sources that will be beneficial towards my research paper. The main focus of my research is to discover the relationship the United States has with China dealing with trade. My sources are connected through that they are all written from the United States and agreements established and if or how they are beneficial to the Unites States.

Annotated Bibliography on Us and China Trade Agreements
Ronald Takaki, A History of Asian Americans; Strangers from a Different Shore
After reading this in American history it touches upon a small section of Chinese history in the U.S.. I need to check out the book to expand on other chapters because this is the time frame in history that the U.S is letting go of their hate towards Asians in hopes of opening agreements of trade.

Congressional Digest, Jun/Jul2000, Vol. 79 Issue 6/7, p165, 3p, 1 Chart
This source gives a clear description of all the bills and laws passed in the United States dealing with traduing goods with China. It targets the huge trade deficit that the united States was facing with china and the actions that were taken place to improve the deficit. This article is also talking about a debate on extending permanent NTR treatment towards China. Major issues about this pertain to how worthy is China and how does America benifit or not benfit from terminating the NTR renewal agreement.

Rural Cooperatives; May/Jun2000, Vol. 67 Issue 3, p23, 6p, 5 Color Photographs
This article is a good refrence but i wouldnt say the best to accomplish a solid point in my research paper. The begining talks about This first shipment of US goods being sent to China in 20 years. The main piece of information from this source is that it brings up the U.S. Agriculture Secretary and U.S. Trade Representitive. these two pieces of information could be a solid point changer in my paper.

Chen, Kathy. Wall Street Journal. (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Mar 14, 1995. pg. A10
This article from The Wall Street Journal talks about various products that are made in The United States that now are able to be exported to China. It goes into depth on products such as tobacco and other leaf goods in the United States that China does not want due to accusations of them being carriers of viruses. Although its proven that China imports these good from other countries because it is much cheaper than if purchased from the United States. The article also explains who will benifit directly and who might see some increase in exports in the future.

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  1. These look like a good place to start. As I mentioned in class, I think the challenge for you will be to see if you can figure out what the debate is in both countries about trade, imports and so forth - how do different groups in each country see the impact of this trade, and how does this relate to our question about the uses of American power?